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Clarity / Clear. Simple. Precise. Cut to the chase. And caught. / Brevity / Shakespeare called it the soul of wit. The ability to say much in few words. Each one chosen for its precision, its impact; individually, collectively. I love you. You’re fired. Goal! Your noble son is mad. / Wit / Raise a smile, a knowing little smile. I get it... and maybe he doesn’t. It’s clever without the clogs. Smart without the arse. To whit. Wit. / Intelligence / Language is a beautiful thing. Rich, diverse, capable of soaring emotions and graven images. It’s full of nuance, open to interpretation. Yet, should you choose, it leaves no doubt. It shares a touch, a feel, a tone of voice with photography, with typography and symbol. To create a picture, the whole picture. And, suddenly, we see it all. / Imagination / Paint it deep, down and blue, dark, dark. Built, layer upon layer, seeking clarity in opacity. Swirling, curling apostrophes, metaphor and light. Your life. Force. Upwards, skywards. Brightness, gossamer filigree, in the cool, clear air. Barely discernible yet utterly unmissable. It’s the smile, framing a face of freckled kindness. It’s the gesture, the nod and the wink. What’s unsaid, said. / Depth / You don’t need an accountant. / The golden mean brings together two of Santiago Calatrava’s most profound influences: nature and the work of Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier’s faith in the mathematical order of the universe was closely bound to the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series, and led him to create his own scale of proportions for use in his designs. / Bringing digital technology to life. / Six hundred people. 47 nationalities. 23 languages. All brought together in ten offices. Each of which with the founding partners’ commitment to human modernism. Each of which with an overriding belief in connectivity. But within this coherent whole lies a beating heart of diversity. With such a young, dynamic team it could hardly be any other way. / After 18 memorable holes, a 19th you’ll never forget. / Local authorities work for local people. They understand local issues. They appreciate local concerns. It's only right, therefore, that they are responsible for upholding the standards that their local communities demand. / Do you have the balls to wear it?